Trivia ?s & Answers

For those of you who participated in the Trivia Contest, here are the questions and answers:

1.                  Who was our principal when we graduated?

                          Richard Dillon 

2.                  Who was the vice-principal when we graduated?

                             Paul Maskery

3.                  What was the #1 selling car of 1974?

                             Ford Mustang

4.                  What was the average price of a new car in 1974?


5.                  What was our school librarian’s name?

                      Marilyn (Mel) Parnell

6.                  Name the 3 sets of cousins in our class.

                      Laura and Leslie Antigiovanni

                      Colleen and Janet Hawkes

                       Brian Harvey and Sue Menzel

7.                  Name the seven (7) Michael/Mikes in our class:

                            Belkin, Bruzik, Lawler, Parsons, Peltier, Pensiero, Russo

 8.                  Who was voted “Most Likely to Succeed”?

Male: _Mike Belkin        Female: Abby Walch 

9.                  What was the name in 1974 of the restaurant across from the high school that is currently “Apricots”?

                  Auberge de Paris

10.              Who was President of the U.S. when we graduated?

                         Richard Nixon

11.              What was in the Tunxis Community College building before it became a college?

                    Robert Hall clothing store

12.              Which two (2) of our classmates became M.D.s?

                          Mike Belkin and Brian Timura

13.              Who were our 2 class advisors and what subjects did they teach?

                          Hank Thompson - math              Celeste Masi - Spanish

14.              Who was our class valedictorian?

                         Jeanne Morin

15.              Who was our senior Homecoming Queen?

                          Sandy Tilley

 16.                  Name our class officers:

President          _Mike Belkin____________

Vice President  _Patty Lavoie____________

Treasurer          _Angelo Gencarelli________

Secretary          _Joanne Dubord__________

17.                  Which song  won the Grammy Song of the Year in 1974?

a.         Barbara Streisand – “The Way We Were

b.         Simon & Garfunkel – “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

c.         The Captain & Tennille – “Love Will Keep Us Together”

d.         Roberta Flack – “Killing Me Softly With His Song”

18.                  Where was our Senior Prom held?

                         The Terrace Room @ Bradley Airport

19.                  What town was our Senior Picnic held in?

                            Moodus (Frank Davis Resort)

20.                  Which Social Studies teacher also taught Driver’s Ed?

                             Mr. Glenney

21.                  Who was the Superintendent of Schools in 1974?

                             John McDonough

22.                  What was the average price of a gallon of gas in 1974?


23.                  Name the restaurant that was in the Epicure shopping plaza.

                         Farm Shop

24.                  According to the Nielsen Ratings, which TV show had the highest average rating in the 1974 season?

   All in the Family 


25.              Which movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1974?


a.             “The Sting” 

b.            Chinatown 

c.             “The Godfather Part II” 

d.            “The Towering Inferno”


26.              Which team won the 1974 Super Bowl?

                           The Miami Dolphins 


27.             Who was elected Governor of Connecticut in 1974?

                         Ella Grasso 

28.              Name the restaurant on Route 4 that is currently The Gallery hair salon.

                         Copper Kettle


29.           Which of our classmates developed a self-blunting needle and founded a company called Bio-Plexus?

                             Carl Sahi


30.              Where was the senior lounge located (what was it next to)?

                            Next to the cafeteria